Welcome to My Kitchen
Where you can learn, the Middle Eastern food, hidden secrets.

This is a secret passageway to Middle Eastern cooking, with its unique stories, cultures, traditions and of course the wonderful flavors and smells.

It’s the vegan healthy version of the authentic home cooking, you will only eat in a Middle Eastern home.

The vegan experience
Healthy Vegan Cooking demonstration. How to make healthy, vegan, delicious food that contains all the nutrients our bodies need.

After we finish cooking, we will sit around the table for a wonderful meal and savor the food we prepared


A little about me
I'm a naturopath and veteran lecturer on complementary medicine, mainly nutrition and detoxification.
My book ×´The Red Detox Diet" was a bestseller on Amazon

We owned a small boutique family winery and a catering company.
I love people, I love to cook and host, and especially love delicious healthy food, that tells a story.

For people who want to add healthy, delicious plant-based foods to their menu.
For vegans who want to diversify and learn new recipes.
For people who love Middle Eastern food and want to learn how to make a healthy version of it.
For people Who love food related stories, traditions and cultures.


Due to the covid-19 restrictions, a new date will be announced in the future


My Kitchen in Terenure Dublin6
The exact address will be sent to participants by email.

How mach?

Cooking demonstration
Explanations and information on healthy nutrition and food combinations
We sit down to eat the wonderful food we cooked
A glass of wine
For only 50 Euro per person

Want to attend the workshop?
Have questions?
Contact me by email:


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